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Prisoners of Geography World Map 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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🧩 400 Pieces [Circle] Diameter of 45.5cm (18 inches)
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Explore the Globe with the Prisoners of Geography 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. A fun and educational puzzle for ages 8+.

Find out fascinating facts like where our weather warnings come from, discover the world's most densely populated places, learn about Canada’s continuous coastlines and where the lungs of the planet live. This exciting map puzzle will take you on an epic adventure around the spectacular sphere that we call ‘home.’

A bright and colourful illustration full of native animals and impressive landmarks; discover the world’s most important features as you piece together this exquisite map.

A 500-piece puzzle visualising a map of the world, including icons to represent key parts of culture, geography and history of the individual countries and the continents on which they are situated. The land on which we live has always shaped us. It has affected wars, politics, and societies all around the world. It is important to understand that even with technological advances we have today, the physical landscape still has an impact on our surrounding. To understand some of the events that have occurred in our history, we must first understand the earth’s geography.

Expand your knowledge and sharpen up your puzzling skills as you connect this breath-takingly beautiful world map jigsaw puzzle, created from the illustrated version of the best-selling ‘Prisoners of Geography’ book, by the super-talented author Tim Marshall.

Have you ever wondered how the USA became a superpower, why people go to war, and why some countries are rich while others are poor? Find the answers to these questions and many more in this eye-opening book, which uses maps to explain how geography has shaped the history of our world.

Splitting the globe into twelve distinct regions, former Sky News Diplomatic Editor Tim Marshall redresses our techno-centric view of the world and suggests that one of our key political drivers continues to be our physical geography. Beginning with Russia (and its bewildering eleven time zones), we are treated to an illuminating, border-by-border disassembly of what makes the world what it is; why, for instance, the Himalayas will always divide China and India, or why Russia is forever trying to dominate the lands to its west.

This remarkable, unique introduction to world affairs will inspire curious minds everywhere. A stunning abridged and illustrated edition of the international bestseller Prisoners of Geography, by acclaimed author Tim Marshall.

The finished jigsaw measures 50 x 38cm.

PRISONERS OF GEOGRAPHY is a registered trademark of Tim Marshall. Text copyright © 2015 - 2023 Tim Marshall. Illustration copyright © 2019 - 2023 Elliott and Thompson Limited.

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