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These are our most brilliant, best-selling jigsaws puzzles right now! If you're not sure what puzzle to get, why not get inspired by other jigsaw puzzlers favourite picks? You will be spoilt for choice with our extensive range of jigsaw puzzles. An 1000 piece puzzle is the perfect gift for an avid puzzler whereas a 500 piece is more suitable as a gift. We are the home of fun and challenging puzzles and can find the best option for you. Our Best-selling puzzles range from scenic to cartoon, contemporary to classic, impossible to relaxing not forgetting nostalgic of course!

Find some of our Best picks below - 

Incredible Illustrations by  Tim Bulmer

Colourful Cartoons by Mike Jupp

Pretty Paintings  by Gill Erskine Hill

Chaotic Cartoons by Ricardo Galvao

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