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Collection: Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles

Hard jigsaw puzzles for adults

Jigsaws can be challenging enough, but for those avid puzzlers who love a challenge, we've compiled a collection of our most difficult puzzles available! These complex puzzles are for expert puzzlers only! NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.

Impuzzible  - Welcome to the marmite range, 44 to collect in total!

They are not Impossible, just Impuzzible! One of our hardest puzzle ranges; Inspired by everyday items you can find in and around the home. Natural - grass (Bestseller) sky, pool, animals - giraffes, confectionery - candy hearts, candy beans, colourful crafts - Shiny stars, flowers - A dozen roses, field of poppies, many rainbows and themed puzzles to enjoy. We even have a puzzle inside a puzzle with ' A puzzling Impuzzible'.

Here at All Jigsaw Puzzles we understand that there can be a fine line between fun and fury when completing your puzzle and this Impuzzible range fits perfectly in purgatory between the two. The ultimate gift for the ardent puzzler in your life. Watch them smile, laugh, cry and wince their way through our really tricky, testing Impuzzible range!

We have lots of delightfully difficult jigsaw puzzles at All Jigsaw Puzzles to keep you entertained, hundreds of sizes and designs available from some of the worlds leading puzzle manufacturers.

This collection includes large puzzles, crazy designs and Wasgij puzzles too. Take a look at our own extremely difficult jigsaw puzzle range:  Impuzzible