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The only destination for premium map jigsaw puzzles!

Enjoy a captivating, detailed and challenging map jigsaw puzzle to keep you entertained.

These map jigsaw puzzles will keep you entertained for hours and will allow you to explore a much loved area or somewhere new that you've always wanted to visit!

Our Best selling map puzzle is our precision plotted 400 piece personalised map puzzles with a unique house shaped centre. Ideal as a welcome gift for Air B n B hosts, or to share the entertainment with a neighbour also great for gifting to new home-owners or as a nostalgic gift for those who have moved on from the area. They are also fantastic if you'd like to know the history of a place, what the lay of land originally looked like and see how your landscapes changed from the Victorian era until the present day.

These are available with a variety of  OS Map bases including Landranger, Street view, Aerial photography or Victorian. A unique gift that can be treasured and passed on for many years to come.

Our OS maps are for UK customers only however we are slowly going global and do have some stunning personalised  German Aerial map puzzles, Netherlands map puzzles Canadian map puzzles as well as US map puzzles.

We also have an exciting array of 1000pc Explorer city maps centered on your favourite cities.- Boston, Leeds, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Birmingham and London. Fall in love with your local area and discover new places with our superb selection of map puzzles!

If you're looking for map with a sense of humour Tim Bulmer has brung his illustrations to life with interesting facts, humour and wit, putting a comical spin on our much loved regional map puzzles. Lots of laughs included -  Find your funny 1000 Piece Regional Maps Here!

Welcome to the Shire - last but not least we have a timeless collection of 1000 piece Historical Maps by a renowned  English Cartographer, John Speed. These classic maps come from another time back in the 1600s and were the best available guide to getting around!

Many of our Historical and Tim Bulmer maps are also available as a wooden heirloom gift!

Looking for something different? Take a look at all of our jigsaw puzzles in stock.