Read about our Planet Friendly Jigsaw Puzzle Boxes

We're doing our part to help the planet! Introducing our new planet friendly boxes, now free of outside plastic wrap, made from recyclable materials and more compact in size!

Our brand new and (what we like to call) luxurious shoulder box is planet friendly and beautiful to look at! 

The tray and lid fit together very securely, so you won't have any accidents with the lid falling off and pieces flying everywhere! This means we do not need to use stickers to secure the lid, that can sometimes damage the box, meaning you can keep your jigsaw puzzle box in pristine condition. This also means we definitely do not need to wrap our boxes with plastic. These boxes look beautiful stored on the shelf and we hope these can be proudly displayed in your home!

We have also created a new Planet Friendly posting box. Like our previous posting box, it can fit right through the letter box but is smaller in size and stacks very neatly, saving space and taking less resource to make. Like our other puzzle boxes, this is free of plastic shrink wrap on the outside, meaning our jigsaw puzzles are very planet-friendly. You may start seeing these boxes soon as we begin using this box for more of our jigsaw puzzle ranges.

One of the worries that you may have with more compact boxes is the size of the jigsaw puzzle image on the lid and if this will be more difficult to follow. Well fear not, these boxes also include a large A3 print guide of the puzzle image inside!

We hope you will love these boxes as much as we do and we're very proud to take steps forward to make our puzzles more planet-friendly.